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6 Secrets to Stay Slim for Japanese Women.

6 Secrets to Stay Slim for Japanese Women.

Japanese Women are indeed considered to the most elegant and beautiful  among-st rest of the world and why won’t they because at the age of 30 they look 18 and by 40 they look 25.

The following article will help you the secrets to their fountain of youth which have proved quite useful.

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  1. Diet
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Thinking of Japanese people and  food the first thing to come to our mind is Sushi but that’s not the case. In fact Japanese rather prefer to have a balance and rich diet like Fish, Vegetables, Soy, Seaweeds, Green tea and Fruits. Japanese women diet is devoid of junk food and high calorie diet.

They like to have food that are fresh and relevant to the season  and like to have food that grown in that season even the choices for fish also depends on the season. Like during Summer the add Cold soup, cold ramen, sea food and salads and in winter its Fist, Meat, Hot soup etc.

2. Rice

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Unlike rest of us Japanese diet includes rice which is the main source of energy instead of bread. They cook rice without adding salt or butter thereby keeping them slim.

 3. Eating Culture

Japanese Women
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When it comes to eating Japanese like to keep it simple and like to have a touch of nature. Eating is in fact like a ritual here. He chew and eat slowly which help them in digestion. They also don’t like to have their plates full to the brim.

6 Secrets to Stay Slim for Japanese Women.

4. Stress More on Breakfast

Japanese Food
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The only thing they stress more is their breakfast. It’s the only time they have variety of foods in their plate which include rice, fish, soup, omelet, seaweeds and tea.

5. Method of Cooking

Japanese Women
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When it comes to cooking Japanese women prefer cooking food with grilling, stewing, or frying that too with minimal oil. Vegetables are nicely cut and sliced to which help it get cooked easily and also the food nutritional value of food is retained to maximum.

They also avoid making use of too much spices thereby lowering the burden on the stomach, kidneys and liver. This also lets the food to be in its natural color and flavor.

6. Say No Sweets in Desserts.

Japanese desserts
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Japanese like to have deserts on rare occasions that too little. Unlike us they avoid eating butter cream or cakes. Here even the ice creams are made of Mochi (Rice). These deserts are low sugar, low fat and don’t leave your belly heavy.



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