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How to Quit Smoking? This will surely help you

Your Guide on How to Quit Smoking? 

Are you looking for ways to help you quit smoking, then here are few steps you can consider on your way to quit smoking.

Quit Smoking
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Ask yourself why you want to quit smoking: Before you does quit smoking ask yourself why you want to do it. The Answer to it should be stronger then the urge to smoke. Make a note of points that will motivate you to do it. Whenever you do you actually do a favor on yourself and your family

1. You stop damaging your body, lungs; avoid the risk of cancer, Asthma and Tuberculosis.
2. Protect your family from the dangerous second hand smoke which is deadlier than the smoking.
3. Protect you immune system and do fall prey to cold, cough etc.
4. Have a good breath, smile and teeth.
5. You are full of energy
6. Have improved blood flow to all your organs
7. Last at the list save money.

Make a plan that works: Before you start your journey of quitting smoking we suggest you to make a plan that will work but make sure you follow it also. You should jot down instances or places which increases your urge to smoke for eg. You smoke during your lunch break then you should try go for a walk with friends or colleagues whenever you are done with your lunch. Indulge in conversation during your walk this will help you divert your attention on the urge.

Throw away all your cigarettes, ash trays idea is if you don’t see things around you will not be tempted to smoke.

How to Quit Smoking?

Getting Substitutes: You should try finding substitutes like candy, sugarless gums or any stuff that is not related to tobacco. This is sooth your urge of smoking. Today there are substitutes like Nicotex that help you quit smoking.

How to Quit Smoking
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Consult your physician: Prolong usage of tobacco products increased the level of Nicotine in your blood you should consider consulting your physician for prescribed medicine what will replace your nicotine urge. That includes : Inhalers, Gums, Nicotine patches usage of these products will reduce the level of nicotine in your blood over time.

Due to advancement in medical science products are also available that will reduce your nicotine craving or the feeling of relaxation whenever your smoke.

Do take any kind of medicines under the strict guidance of your physician.

Be Social: Join groups that support or help quit smoking, socializing is a best way to get over addiction.

Stress Management: Your early days will be the toughest one’s you will find yourself under lot of stress, you must find ways to overcome stress like listening music, gaming, watch movie, outdoor activities, walking , Yoga etc.

Some Stress buster: Drink Plenty of Water, Make exercise routine, take proper sleep 7-8 hours at least. Eat a healthy and balanced meal, include green veggies in your diet.

How to Quit Smoking?

What happens after your quit smoking all of sudden?

When you quit smoking that means you stop your supply of nicotine to your body all of sudden you would notice the following things in your body but its always temporary.

1. Irritation
2. Low concentration
3. Increase in appetite
4. Insomnia
5. Shakiness
6. Dizziness
7. Dullness
8. Depression

Stick to your plan and keep trying:

Withdrawing nicotine from routine does have some effects but it differs from person to person. The first 72 hours are critical as one experience the maximum symptoms but as you keep trying you will no longer experience any of these by 6-8 weeks. Trying is the only remedy that works and the right answer on How To Quit Smoking?

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