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8 Amazing Remedies to Stop Hair Thinning

These 8  ways that can stop Hair Thinning.

Hair Thinning is a major issue of concern today here are 8 remedies that will help you prevent it.

Hair Thinning remedy

The worst nightmare for any individual is to have his or her  hair thinning or patch baldness. Hair fair is a major concern especially when it occurs at a very young age even if you are not its not a pleasant sight to look at. Many factors leads to hair thinning from a tight bun to bad diet. Along with correcting these two you should also be looking at the ways that can stop your hair from thinning.

According to dermatologist that major cause of thinning in especially is women is poor diet, disturbed thyroid, Vitamin deficiencies like B12, B3 etc and also stress whether it be physical or mental.

But now you don’t have to worry about it much as we are bringing you 7 ways that will help you stop Hair Thinning.


  • Hair – Styles that pulls Hair line

We love tying ponytails when we have longer hairs don’t we? But do you know that if you do it frequently it serious affects your hairline those tiny hairs on your scalp are pulled and break due to continues and excess pressure.  Avoid using tight rubber bands that exerts pressure on your hair a lot of hairs are lost due to such tight rubber bands.

Stop Hair Thinning.


  • Altering Diet Plan

Indian diet is carb rich and majority of us don’t that protein is an essential element   in having a healthy hair. We must consume diet which is rich is protein ,vitamins and iron.  For Vegetarians you have beans, Cheakpeas, Soy , Cootage Cheese, Milk which will give enough protein  and for non-vegetarians you have plenty of options like Egg Whites, Chicken & Fish etc. You should also consume a tablet of multi-vitamin per day under your physician consultation. Other vitamins like the Omega -3  fatty acid.


Since ancient times in ayurveda onion has been a boon when it comes to hair re-growth. Onions are rich in sulphur. Sulphur improves blood circulation towards hair follicles. Apart from this sulphur is also anti bacterial and kills bacteria thereby helping them to re-grow and stay healthy.

  • Hair Straighter

Before we start on this one must make a note that heat does not go well with our hairs.  The devices we use like Dryer, Strengtheners, Iron does make our hairs look pretty but the impact that they leave on them is not what you can expect.  These devices effects hair structure fracturing the bond between the hairs making them weaker and breaks eventually.   Should you be using any such devices you must not hold them closer to your hair and not exceeding 10 sec.

Stop Hair Thinning



  • Natural Hair Pack ( Egg and Yogurt)


As explained above eggs are rich in protein and protein are required for one to have healthy and strong hair but you can also use egg mixed with curd as hair pack. This will act as natural conditioner. Take some egg mix it with curd or Yogurt and stir until homogeneous you can also add 1 tablespoon of neem power and apply on your head.


  • Massage with hot oil


Massages are always good to our body and hairs are no exception. Simply take some along oil or coconut oil gently heat it and massage throughout your head gently and thoroughly for few minutes this will surely work wonders as massages improves blood circulation but remember do not over do our be harsh as it may break your hairs. Massage will strengthen your roots and prevent hair thinning.


  • Wash your hairs regularly


Its not at all bad to wash your hairs even if you are going through hair fall. Washing of hairs will wash off and clean dirt you won’t feel itchy and also will prevent you from dandruff.



Above all remedies Stress is the culprit or must say the root cause of hair thinning or hair fail. Try doing meditation every day for at least 20 min. Other methods like Yoga, Work Out, Dance and Listening to Music are also good stress busters.

Hope these simple change in will help you avoid hair thinning. Try it and let us know your experience. Should you have any other remedies do share with us will be happy to write about it.



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