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Young Girl Pooja Bijarnia donates liver to father Story 

Young Girl Pooja Bijarnia donates liver to father

Young Girl Pooja Bijarnia donates liver to father The greatest gift to any human being is having his or her’s parents by their side. They go through many hardships and sacrifices just to fulfill our dream. There are many stories related to sacrifices made by parent’s to make their kids wish come true. Many few in fact get a chance to repay their depth. Today we bring to you the true and inspirational story  “Young Girl Pooja Bijarnia donates liver to father “.   Yes its true this young girl pooja…

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why diwali is celebrated Story 

Why diwali is celebrated know the facts

Why diwali is celebrated Why diwali is celebrated ?  Diwali is popularly know as Deepavali which means the  Festival of Lights . It is  the biggest festival of the Hindus all over the world and celebrated in (October/ November) on the 15th Day of Kartika and its is celebrated for 4-5 days. Below is the epic & true story to let know more about why diwali is celebrated? Why diwali is celebrated? Lord Rama the Seventh Avatar (Incarnation of Supreme Lord Vishu) returned from exile after 14 years after fighting…

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Zoom H1 – A must have Audio Recorder

Have you ever wondered what is the hissss sound while you watch a video? Do you know your video might suck if your audio is not good or has air sound in it? Here is the thing which will help you not only to remove that but will also help you to have a professional quality awesome audio. click here to buy : The Zoom H1 – Handy portable Audio recorder The ultra-compact H1 Handy Recorder brings new meaning to the term “portability.” Small enough to slip in your…

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Peepli Live actor Sitaram Panchal suffering from cancer

He has acted in number of bollywood like Peepli Live, Paan Singh Tomar and Jolly LLB2, the actor is suffering from cancer from past 3 years Recently the actor has reached people in general through social media Facebook with an urge to help him meet with financial aid to fight cancer. The Cine & TV Artistes Association ( CINTAA) has put a post on facebook asking people to come up for help in what ever way they can . They are planning to get finance through crowd funding program for…

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