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10 Benefits of Grapes Useful This Summer Season

10 Benefits of Grapes

You do enjoy eating Grapes and shouldn’t we? Grapes are available to us in different shapes and colors like red, green, purple. The Best part about them is they are so juicy but did you know the benefits of grapes you can have if you eat them? No! lets find then.

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Before we start I guess you are aware about a fact that people who’s diet are rich in vegetables and fruits live a healthy they have low risk of getting any heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Grapes too are great source of water and fiber unlike other fruits. Eating grapes can benefit you in many ways so now let’s start with the list

  1. Healthy Heart

Polyphenols such as resveratrol found in grapes are thought to have anti-oxidant properties which does anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering actions. These reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It may also help maintain hearth rhythm, reduce blood pressure and maintain platelet buildup.

Grapes are also rich in potassium and fiber which are healthy for heart. High potassium intake can prevent muscle loss and also significantly reduces the risk of stroke.

       2. Caner 

As we know that polyphenol such a resveratrol  found in grapes act as  anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent .

Some Laboratory studies suggest that this Resveratrol might slow or prevent the growth of tumors in stomach, lymph, liver, colon, breast leukemia and skin cancer.

       3. Constipation

Grapes being rich source of water and fiber are good for your stomach. Eating grapes can keep you hydrated, keep your bowls clean and thus reduce risk of constipation.

       4. Blood Pressure

Grapes are also rich in Potassium ad fiber. Studies suggest that intake of potassium can reduce the effects of sodium in our body maintaining blood pressure level. Apart from this Fiber  is also good to maintain a healthy heart.

Benefits of Grapes

           5. Diabetes

According to the survey conducted in 2013 of Type 2 diabetes patient it was found that people who consumed grapes, blueberries, apples and raisins or pears had lower risk of getting heart disease of  7% compared to type 2 diabetes patient.

           6. Allergies

Due to  anti-inflammatory effects of quercetin consuming grapes may protect from getting allergies which includes watery eyes, runny nose and hives.

           7. Diabetic Retinopathy and Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy which effects the nerve function can be protect from polyphenol such a resveratrol  Scientist believe that it could be because of the neuropathic effects.

Some Animal study also suggest that it could also be helpful to prevent Retinopathy which can severely damage the vision.

 8. Acne

Some Dermatologist and Therapist also suggest that resveratrol can also be helpful in treating acne problem along with benzoyl peroxide.

       9. Eye Health

Grapes are two antioxidants Zeaxanthin and lutein which are helpful in maintaining good eye health by neutralizing the unstable free radicals by doing so it prevents the oxidative damage and stress to the retina which when not prevented can cause cataract.

Some Laboratory reports also suggest that Resveratrol is also helpful in protecting eyes from problems like glaucoma, macular degeneration and  cataract.

        10. Other issues which can be prevented by Resveratrol are

. Blood glucose Control

. Alzheimer’s disease

. Boost immune system

. Osteoarthritis

However it is still not clear how resveratrol can be helpful to understand how it does a detailed study is required.

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Source : Medical News Today

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